Is SiteGround Best for Web Hosting(2020)?Expert Review

Is SiteGround Best for Web Hosting(2020)?

Are you thinking about starting a WordPress website/blog? Are you still thinking whether SiteGround or any other hosting provider or company is Best for Web Hosting?

You still confused while choosing the Best Web Hosting? Then you are currently at the right place.

 Starting a website in 2020 is really a great idea! Before starting a website/blog, everyone having the most common doubt is “What will be the top best hosting company to choose which have an edge over its competitors?”

So If you have still doubts like this then this article will definetely help you to choose the Best Web Hosting company!

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If you are thinking to start a blog/website for free, then read the complete post. You will know why you should not start a blog on a free blogging platform and if you want to be or think like an entrepreneur then you must avoid the free platform as lots of advanced features are missing on those platforms.

If you are thinking about a long term goal or project, then you must have a right directions, environment or working tools.

So if you thinking to make a blog/website that you would monetize with help of best Affiliate networks, Sponsored Products, Banner Advertisement and provide you handsome money on autopilot as revenue then you should first focus on the primary investment that are:-

  • Selection of Best Web Hosting (Uptime, Speed & performance, Customer Support, etc)
  • Required Best Domain name as per you Website/blog.
  • Selection of Best Keyword Research & other tools.
  • Selection of Best Plugins, Themes etc.

So the most important factor before starting a blog is to select a Best and premium quality Web Hosting under affordable price.

SiteGround Review and Detailed Analysis

Today, we’ll review SiteGround hosting which is feature-packed and affordable at best, and at last, you will definitely get the answer of the Title “Is SiteGround Best Web Hosting(2020)?” You will get answer to all your doubts like:-

Is SiteGround worth your money?

Is SiteGround can handle huge traffic?

Which SiteGround Hosting plan is best for you?

In the current Scenario, Siteground is one of the most recommended Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting companies who want to start their website/blog. Siteground is famous for their customer support which is available 24/7 for their customers and its most reliable hosting Plans.

There are some points in which we will test to know how good is SiteGround Web Hosting?

1:-Speed & Performance:- Speed & performance is the most crucial part of any website and its 90-95% depend on the web hosting provider company and its plans.

2:-Customer Support:- How friendly the customer support team are on the basis of  customer review and how fast they resolve any issue.

3:- Features & Uptime:- Features is also very important part of any web hosting that how many features they provide you on your favourite pack. And whether your hosting is providing 99.99% uptime guarantee.

4:- Plan Pricing:- How much cost they provide you their plans and how much you save the money.

SiteGround was founded by Tenko Nikolov in 2004 and its headquarters located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Today the company have more 500+ employees and currently its hosts 500,000+ domains.

SiteGround is one of the top affordable Web or WordPress hosting services worldwide. They are officially recommended by people and you can trust your site on them.

Siteground Hosting



Speed & Performance 

Sites hosting with Siteground servers are fast & have no performance issues


99.996% Uptime which is great

Free SSL


Customer Support 

Good(chat, phone, Email support)

Server Response Time 

(very less Response time)

Good Security Options

Its really safe & daily Backup available to make site safe

Great Interface and Easy to use

Really easy to use & have cPanel

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Yes they provide 30 day moneyback guarantee

Siteground Plans and Pricing 

Plans are bit expensive specially for beginners

Overall Ratings

Great Experience

     Should you buy Siteground?            

Yes, Definitely a Good Buy

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After spending hours on research & analysis on best web hosting providers, I narrowed down my selection to SiteGround.

Siteground Best Web Hosting

SiteGround Hosting Features
1:- SiteGround Uptime (9.5/10)

Uptime is the most required factors while selecting the Web Hosting platform. SiteGround is providing 99.996% uptime which is one of the best among its Competitors. Once you set up your dream project like your website, so you do not want the site down frequently as it happens with the Cheapest Web Hosting Providers.

Siteground Best Web Hosting
Credit (HRANK)
2:- Speed & Performance. (9.5/10)

Speed and performance of your site which would be the top most priority as no wants wants to wait after clicking on any website.If it takes more time then the users may switch to some other sites and you will lose huge amount of traffic, users or genuine customers.Below is the result of one website hostedunder SiteGround Plan.

Siteground Best Web Hosting
Credit: Pingdom Tool
3:- Customer Support (10/10)

If you are considering this factor as your priority, then I can guarantee you that no Web Hosting Company will provide such Customer Support Facility as SiteGround. Their service available 24/7 phone, also available Live chat and Email support.Very few companies providing on call support like SiteGround.

Siteground Best Web Hosting
4:- SP Optimizer Plugin ( Best Cache plugin inbuilt) (9.5/10)

SiteGround offers SP Optimizer inbuilt plugin, a technology developed by them.

It is a mechanism that adds several layers of caching, therefore your blog/website will load very fast and that will increase your page speed.

Siteground Best Web Hosting
5:- PHP 7.3 and Free SSL (10/10)

WordPress users employ MySQL and PHP to run their blogs. The latest version of PHP is 7.3 and very limited companies using PHP 7.3 like SiteGround to run their website. and apart from it SiteGround provide free SSL using LetsEncrypt for your websites which will be hosted in their servers.

6:- Free & Easy Website Hosting Migration (9/10)

If you want to migrate a website from other hosting company to SiteGround, then it would cost nothing and folks from their customer support will help if you face any issue during migration.Also unlike other companies it won’t cost a penny for migration.

Siteground Best Web Hosting
Credit:- SiteGround
7:- Exclusive features and variety options (9/10)

Siteground provides Web hosting, WordPress hosting, woocommerce hosting, Cloud hosting. We recommend to go with web hosting services if you are a beginner or not having huge traffic because this is the most suitable for start-up sites.

Siteground Plans and their Features:-

  • Web Hosting:-  Web hosting is also known as Shared hosting which is most suitable for Beginners as it handles low traffic at the beginning for start-up sites for the minimum price available. Though, It can easily handle approx (25-90k) traffic.
  • WordPress Hosting:- WordPress hosting is generally for those who increase the performance of its WordPress because in this SiteGround give in-built options for optimizing for the website through WordPress.
  • Woocommerce Hosting:- Woocommerce hosting is generally for those who want to start their E-store using woo commerce r directly sell their products on their sites.
  • Cloud Hosting:- Cloud hosting is a more flexible update to shared hosting which allows you to use multiple server resources on a cloud architecture. You will get many additional features and experience best performance. If you getting huge traffic daily basis then you can go with Cloud hosting.
Siteground Best Web Hosting
8:- SiteGround Flexible Web Hosting Plan & Pricing Comparision (8/10)

To start a new website/blog this is most ideal or popular plan.Its available in 3 different plans as per the user requirements:-

  • Start up Plan ($6.99/mo):- It provides hosting for 1 website with 10GB Disk space. It can take a load of 10,000 visitors monthly with unmetered traffic. It provides Free Wp installation and a Free SSL certificate which is most important for a website.Read more…
  • Grow Big ($9.99/mo):- In Grow big plan, it provides hosting for an unlimited website with 20Gb Disk space. It can take a load of 25,000 visitors monthly with unmetered traffic. It Provides Free Wp installation and a Free SSL certificate. See more Features….
  • Go Greek ($14.99/mo):- In Go Greek plan of siteground which is the premium plan provides unlimited website with 30Gb Disk space. It can take a load of 100,000 visitors monthly with unmetered traffic. It also provides you Free Wp installation and a Free SSL certificate. Read more…

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How to Start A WordPress Blog On SiteGround?

Siteground offers three different hosting plans to select from under the shared hosting category. For a new WordPress blog/website or for beginers, shared hosting is powerful enough to handle your website traffic.

Here are the Steps to Choose purchase siteground Hosting:-

STEP 1: Choose a Hosting Plan. Click here to sign up for SiteGround.
Siteground Best Web Hosting

As per the above pricing and plans of Web or shared hosting, there are 3 pricing plans offered by SiteGround.

We recommend you to select the GrowBig plan if you want to host unlimited sites in the future on various niches. But If you’re on a tight budget and don’t have a plan to host more than 1 website then you can go for their cheapest plan which is StartUp plan. And if you have an old website migrate from other hosting companies and getting huge traffic then you can go with Go Geek Plan.

STEP 2: Choose or Register a Domain Name

You can choose to buy a new domain, or sign up with an existing domain. Siteground offer a wide range of domain extensions.

But we will recommend you to buy a domain from other Domain register Companies like (Namecheap, Hostinger etc) You can easily save few Dollars here as these companies like Namecheap, Hostinger can provide you all variety extension in (5-11 Dollars). (.com or .org will be recommended or your country’s extension like .in,.uk, .usa etc)

Siteground Best Web Hosting

Grab Deal to Buy With Discount

STEP 3: Review and complete your Order

Unlike many other hosting providers, Siteground sometimes provides discount & it applies to any of the initial periods chosen during the sign up process.

Now, you will be on the payment page where you need to enter your contact details along with your payment details.

Before payment, please check the plan that you have selected, and select the Data Centre which should be nearest to your target country or traffic.

Siteground Best Web Hosting
Pros & Cons of SiteGround Hosting

Pros of SiteGround hosting:

  • Website migration is FREE (you can shift from your existing hosting servers to SiteGround hosting servers at no cost!)
  • You can install unlimited sites except on their basic Start up plan
  • Free access to Cloudflare CDN for faster speeds
  • SSL certificates are free
  • Unlimited free email accounts and databases
  • Daily backups
  • Spam prevention, SSH access, server monitoring – all these security features make your website supremely secure
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Access to unlimited FTP accounts
  • Free drag and drop builder
  • Excellent Customer support via phone, chat, tickets
  • Access to SuperCacher to increase loading speeds of your websites

Cons of SiteGround hosting:

  • Monthly plan is too costly ($29.99/month) so make sure to grab their 12 months hosting plan to save more.
  • Plans are expensive.
  • It doesn’t offer you free domain registration (whereas other web hosts like Bluehost, Hostinger offers you a free domain.

Conclusion:- Is SiteGround Best Web Hosting(2020)? (9.2/10) — Overall Rating

I personally have hosted many sites on SiteGround but few of my sites I have transfer from other hosting to SiteGround.Till now I have a great experience with SiteGround and never face any issues like speed and performance issues.

The technical support is one of the best things SiteGround has offer, and that makes everything. We strongly recommend you to buy this Siteground Hosting Because of its features and fast Servers and their Customer support. As per our practical experience, it is the best Hosting company and its worth of buying their Hosting. Rest we will respect your and other opinion and if you still have doubts, please feel free to drop questions and comments.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  1. Does SiteGround offer a free domain name? – No, currently it’s not giving any free domain with any plan.
  2. Does SiteGround use cPanel?Yes, SiteGround hosting gives you cPanel (control panel) access. With cPanel, you can easily install WordPress and other features, manage your databases, emails, files in one place.
  3. What is SG Site Scanner? :- It is a premium monitoring service which costs $19.80/year that checks your website daily and immediately notifies you if your website has been hacked or injected with malicious code.
  4. Is SiteGround provide a moneyback guarantee? Yes, SiteGround offers you 30 days money-back guarantee.
  5. How to find SiteGround Nameserver? After you purchase the hosting from SiteGround, login to SiteGround account. Click on My account > Information and settings.
  6. Is it provide SSL for free? Yes, SiteGroubd provides free SSL.
  7.  Other alternative web hosts to SiteGround if you have a tight budget? If you have a very tight budget then you can go with Bluehost, Hostinger.

So what are you waiting for! Start your dream project (Blog/Website) now with SiteGround and feel the difference.

If you still have doubts, please feel free to drop questions and comments.

At last, thanks for reading this article. We will come with some more good quality content in the future which would help all in selecting proper products.

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