Semrush Review 2021 | Increase traffic in your blog by SEMrush

Overview of Semrush

Are you a professional Blogger or an Affiliate Marketer or want to start your Blog, Website, or e-commerce business? If yes then this blog ” Semrush Review ” is for you where you will get the most important hacks to scale your business or drive traffic in your blog.

If you want to become successful in online business and have a dream to achieve 1000 – 10000 $ per month or generate a good passive income on autopilot then you should have 5 things:-

1. A Blog/ Website

2. Best SEO and content marketing tool

3. Best Email marketing tool

4. Good Hosting provider

5. A responsive theme & few plugins

After designing an attractive and responsive blog or website, then your main focus should be to create SEO-optimized content, Or if you have not started your blog yet then also it is a must to create a plan with full keyword research & competitor analysis.

For that, you should have a good quality SEO and content marketing tool which is the most important thing to have before writing any content.

In this section of Semrush review, we will discuss the most effective and impressive SEO and content marketing tool i.e. SEMrush.

Semrush Review

After using so many tools, we can bet that currently, no SEO ( Search engine optimization) tool is much effective as Semrush that have enormous features, and provides the best data and analysis.

That’s why Semrush is our personal favorite. Once you start using it, then you can understand how powerful it is.

So what are you waiting for!

Just have one 1-month of free access to Semrush Pro, use it, and feel the difference. You will love it and it will provide a great edge to your blogging or online marketing journey.

SEMrush Features



           Domain Overview

You will get every metrics in details like traffic, ranking keywords, SERP, DA/PA score

Keyword Research

It provides Keyword magic tool & Keyword Gap tool which is awesome to use

Backlink Analysis

You can easily analyse your competitors Backlinks and try to getfor your own blog

Content Template & Writing Assistant

Best features that I like the most as it provides content ideas and SEO scores

SEO Audit

Best Seo audit tool for your own website or if you are running a SEO agency

Backlink Audit

You can easily you backlink data or referring dmains and the toxic score 

Great Interface and Easy to use

Really easy to use & very interactive

Money-Back Guarantee

Semrush provides 7 days  money back guarantee. You just need to drop an email

Social Media Toolkit

You can integrate & automate your social media posts for promotion

Customer Support

It provides chat, email & on call support

Semush Plans and Pricing 

3 plans provided by Semrush so you can select according to your budget & requirement

Overall Ratings

Great Experience & it is one of the Best SEO & content marketing tool

     Should you buy Semrush?    

Yes, Definitely a Good Buy

What is SEMrush?

Semrush Reviews

SEMrush is one of the most dynamic & popular SEO and content marketing tool that can help you to increase your organic & paid traffic.

It was founded by Oleg Shchigolev and Dmitry Melnikov in 2008 that has over 7 million users worldwide and is the most SEO tool that provides solutions for online visibility & content marketing.

It is popular for its keyword research tools. Semrush having a database that has over 20 billion keywords. Its keyword databases are now larger than any other competitors. Thats why we have chosen this tool over others and come up with the blog ” Semrush Reviews “.

SEMrush provides:-

  • SEO Toolkit
  • Advertising Toolkit
  • Content Marketing Toolkit
  • Social Media Toolkit
  • Competitive Research Toolkit

Apart from that, it provides various functions for conducting marketing, backlink analysis, SERP analysis research, competition analysis, SEO audit, etc.

Every day you can track your rankings, DA PA score, traffic analysis, Keywords for which your blog ranks. At present, you won’t get a better tool than that.

Who can use SEMrush?

Semrush Review
Customers uses Semrush

If you fall under this category mentioned below, then having a Good SEO tool like SEMrush is a Must.

1. A Blogger/ Affiliate marketer

2. Having any website or e-commerce store

3. Online marketer

4. Digital marketing Agency

5. SEO Agency

6. Content writers/copywriters

7. If you want to start or run an online business

8. If you want to scale your local business

9. If you want to start an agency

10.Freelancers in the Digital Marketing field

11.If you want to create a passive income through a blog

12.If you want to increase leads or customer base.

Semrush review

Semrush Pros and Cons

  • One of the Largest Keyword Database from different geographic locations

  • It provides a Keyword magic tool where you will get all details associated with your keyword and targeted country.

  • It Provides Content marketing toolkit includes topic research, creation of SEO templates, words & backlink suggestion and content review.

  • You can write an article and check your SEO Score.

  • Semrush provides features like keyword gap analysis where you can compare your competitors and find the missing keywords in your blog

  • You can perform backlink gap analysis with the help of the SEMrush tool

  • Provide Social media toolkit which consists of social media posters and trackers

  • Semrush provides an ad toolkit that includes features like keyword ad history, display advertising, PLA research, etc.

  • SEMrush recently expanded its backlink database and you can analyze and compare backlink details with your competitors.

  • Semrush provides White Label Reports that are available on higher plans.

  • The SERP analysis could have been better.

  • Keyword difficulty levels provided by it are not as reliable. You need to do some manual research along with it.

SEMrush Pricing Plan

Semrush Pricing

As mentioned about the features of SemRush and tried to tell you how SEMrush can transform your business or help you to get enormous and targetted traffic.

So, If you want that your blog/website should dominate in the search rankings especially in your niche or category then SEMrush is a must-buy and reliable SEO (Search engine optimization) tool.

Semrush offers three monthly price plans

Pro Plan – $ 119.95 / month (Best for beginners or small new ventures)

Guru Plan – $ 229.95 / month (Best for Med – High traffic website or startups or small agencies )

Business Plan – $ 449.95 / month (Ideal for those having multiple and high traffic website or for Digital marketing/SEO agencies and large corporates )

If you are currently managing 1-3 websites, then we recommend you to sign up for the Semrush Pro plan.

If you are having Digital Marketing /SEO agency and have many clients and projects or running a small startup, then you can go with the Guru plan.

And if you running Big agency or running a medium or large scale startup then we recommend you choose a Business plan.

If you are still confused about which plan to choose then we recommend you to take free trial of Semrush Pro.

SEMrush Features

Semrush Reviews 2021

In this Semrush review, we are now going to discuss about the different features of SEMrush that are included in different plans:-

1. Competitive research

This is one of the important features where you can spy on your competitor’s website. It is a good practice and a perfect strategy to understand and analyze the types of keyword targeting by your competitors.

So that after analyzing them you can make a plan and create better content than your competitors. This is the way you can beat your competitors and achieve top rankings in SERP.

It can help you to analyze the competitor’s keywords, view traffic analysis, perform a backlink gap analysis.

2. Domain analysis

Semrush Review

If you are already using or planning to use SEMrush, then this is the most common feature which every blogger starts with. It helps you to check your Blog’s DA/PA score, traffic, backlinks/referring domains, the trend of traffic, trend of backlinks, SERP analysis ( where you can check top 10 competitors website in search Rankings).

If you are running your DM/SEO agency then most of the SEO projects begin with a domain analysis. It means, getting an overview of the “quality” of a domain of your blog/website from an SEO point of view.

Here you will get the factors that you need to focus on for SEO improvement or checking the competitor’s website details which are ranking in your niche.

It is very easy to do a domain analysis where you need to click on Domain Analysis and just need to put your domain name or URL so that SEMrush will analyze your site and come up with the best possible result in terms of SEO.

The metrics provided:-

1. Traffic or number of visitors per month to your blog/website

2. Number o referring domains or number of external links pointing to the website

3. Keywords Ranking for the website

4. Best performing keywords and their ranking which changes every day/week.

5. View ads stats and details if you are running on your website

6. Competing websites in your domain or niche.

Source : Semrush

3. Traffic Analytics

Under traffic analytics, you can understand the nature o traffic that comes from each country and how many visitors are coming through different keywords.

You can take this data and do deep research to understand the pattern of your traffic.

Semrush reviews

4. Keyword Gap Analysis

This is an awesome tool that helps you to identify the keywords that your competitors are using and that are missing in your article. So by analyzing them you can put add some content to your existing article and put the missing keywords over there.

Here you need to put your URL of the blog and top 3-4 competitors. After that, you will get a list of keywords which is missing on your blog.

It also helps you a lot in finding content marketing ideas and you can plan to write content by targetting those keywords. Thats why we have included this feature in our blog ” Semrush reviews”.

5. Backlink Gap Analysis

This feature is mostly similar to the keyword gap tool. Here you have to check all the missing backlinks that your competitors are getting. Once you find the list then start building backlinks so that you can rank easily on SERP.

If some of the competitors in your niche are getting some common backlinks, then try to get them. This way you can start making high-quality backlinks like your competitors.

6. Keyword Overview

Semrush Keywod research Tool

In this feature, once you put your seed keyword and targeted country, then you will find rough or estimated details about the traffic, CPC, Keyword difficulty, etc.

7. Keyword Magic Tool

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

This is the most important feature where you need to spend lots of time before finalizing or writing any content. No Semrush reviews is complete without mentioning this feature. From niche selection to product or keyword selection you need to check all details right over here.

Once you put your seed words, it will give you the different kinds of keywords like exact match keywords, phrase match keywords, related keywords, questions-based keywords.

You can use the filter to sort the keywords based on the Keyword difficulty, No of words in the main keyword, Keyword competitiveness.

Once you get to access this feature, then you will feel that it is the game-changer. SERP result for the related keywords is also displayed. Under the advanced filtered section, you can also add different filters to further define the keywords.

In terms of keyword difficulty, we recommend you do a manual analysis of the keyword difficulty before finalizing to create content or an article around a keyword.

8. Keyword Manager

Semrush Keyword Manager

Under keyword manager, you can create a list or rename it and add selective keywords in that list so that it will be easy to get it in a single basket and it will help you to export that list and analyze it. You can sort the list as per your requirements.

9. Backlink Analysis

Semrush Backlink Analysis tool

This is another important tool where you need to put the ur of your competitor’s post or article. Semrush helps to collect all related information like referring domains, number of backlinks, etc.

So once you get the data to start analyzing it and create a backlink for your blog. It allows you to analyze the backlinks of a list of URLs at a time. In this section of the Semrush review 2021, we tried to show the details of backlink analysis, referring domains.

10. Bulk Backlink Analysis

This is a useful feature in which it allows you to analyze the backlinks of a list of URLs of your competitors. This will provide you all the backlinks or referring domains that are pointing to your competitor’s website.

In SEMrush you also have the features like Organic Traffic Insights. You can check and analyze the keywords that are bringing traffic to your blog. So start creating content related to that.

11. On-Page and off-page SEO

SEMrush SEO tool

This is one of the vast and critical functions where you can do an on-page/off-page SEO audit. It will help to analyze the technical SEO of your website.

It helps you to analyzes various technical aspects of your website, like site structure, internal linking, broken links, website speed, and other technical SEO aspects. We particularly liked the analysis of crawl depth and internal links.

It will help us to check all functions at one go such as robots.txt file, SSL status, sitemaps, page speed, crawl depth, etc. so we can’t have to check all factors manually. That is the reason, we have included this feature in our blog ” Semrush reviews”.

12. SEO Content Template & Writing Assistant

Semrush SEO Content Template

We found this feature very helpful as it provides the ideal length of the article we can target and once we write the content then we can check the SEO Score of the written article where we will get the Score out of 10. This is another import aspects we highlight in this Semrush review blog.

SEmrush Writing Assistant

After that, it will also suggest the keywords which we need to insert in the article and the backlink suggestion also provided with the help of it.

The writing assistant allows you to preview content in real-time in terms of SEO. In this tool, you have to enter the subject or seed word to write an article.

This will helps you a lot to outline your blog post and write your content as per SEO factors.

Semrush Writing Assistant

13. SEMrush Site Audit Feature

Semrush SEO Audit tool

This is one of the most important features either you are running your site or you are running an SEO agency.

It helps you to check various technical and SEO errors and it consolidates all errors in one place. It also helps us to check performance and speed issues, crawl issues, sitemaps, and link issues.

If you are working for your clients then you can provide them the SEO Audit reports.

14. Backlink Audit Tool Feature

Semrush Backlink Audit Tool

Under this feature, you can check the backlink profile of your website. You can check and monitor the quality of referring domains and the spam/toxic score.

You can go through each toxic score which is provided by the tool and start removing or disavow those backlinks. Spam or toxic backlinks are really bad on the eye of the search result.

That’s why auditing backlinks regularly is important, especially if you are actively building backlinks for your website regularly.

15. Advertising Research Tool

Semrush Advertising Research Tool

If you want to get all kinds of PPC reports for your website, then you need to use this tool. It is similar to competitive SEO research where you need to put the website URL and you will get all reports.

It will help you to show the PPC traffic and the keywords that are ranking.

You can also check the Ad Copies section where you can check all the ongoing advertisements on your competitor’s website.

If you running any Google ad campaigns, Semrush will analyze all the respective data like search volume, CPC for that campaign.

This tool helps you to uncover all types of paid opportunities to increase your Return on Investment.

16. Social Media Tool

Semrush Social Media Tool

This is another important tool that can be used wisely to get enormous traffic from most of the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

You can create pages, manage all and track your social profiles frequently on popular platforms.

With the help of this tool, you can link tour social accounts and create or schedule posts as per the content published on your website. After few days you can see the number of followers or how the traffic you are getting.

You can create and manage ads for each funnel level, and track the ads campaign and its performance.

If you want that the ads can be shown to maximum people then you can boost ads and run the ads with your super targetted audience.

If you are running SEM Agency then it will be very helpful. This is another important feature we included in this blog ” Semrush Review”.

17. Customer Service

It is one of the most important factors that everyone needs to consider before selecting any tool.

If you are a beginner then you would feel that SEO tools like Semrush are a bit complex, so here is the role of good quality customer support who can help or guide you wherever you are stuck. Also it provides Knowledge base where you will find step by step solution of your queries.

The best part is that it provides three channels of customer support i.e. Phone, email, and chat support. All 3 are essential at the time of using the tool.

This is an additional advantage as compared to competitors, as not all of the SEO tools providers offer phone or chat support.

Why do I recommend Semrush over other tools like Ahrefs or MOZ or KWFinder?

Semrush vs Ahref vs Moz vs Kw finder
Credit : Google Trends

My Team and I have used almost every SEO tool and find that no tool is providing so many features and value like SEMrush.

We have tested SEMrush on various aspects like Keyword research, backlink analysis, content creation, and SEO score checking, Site Audit, paid ads and campaigns checking, competitor analysis, etc and found that it is the Best SEO and content marketing tool available on market.

Once you will start using this then you will love it. It provides the best possible results and analysis based on our research. Also, the tool is very user-friendly, you can very use it very easily.

You can realize the power of this tool once you start using it.

If you can use it perfectly and put a lot of efforts and time then definitely in a long run you can see there is a drastic improvement in your online business, the traffic increases in a short time once you do keyword research and competitor analysis properly.

We are using Semrush almost every day to find keywords, competitor analysis, content ideas, monitor my competitors, and more.

Apart from that, we are doing a Full SEO Audit and competitor analysis for our clients. So to get success in the online marketing field tool like SEMrush is the most important key.

The competitor’s tools like Ahrefs, Moz, KWFinder won’t provide so many features or values as Semrush.

So whether you are a beginner or pro blogger or starting your agency or startup, this tool is a must-buy to beat your competitors in every aspect.

FAQ ( Frequetly Asked Questions )

Q1:- Which is better SEMrush or Ahrefs or MOZ?

Ans:- As per my experience, I can prefer SEMrush over other SEO tools because it’s having the largest database and provides features like keyword analysis, keyword gap analysis, backlink gap analysis, content planner and topic ideas, etc.

Ahrefs has features such as improved data for SERP analysis and Keyword Difficulty score is much relevant. But overall I will choose SEMrush over any tool.

Q2:- How do I get a free SEMrush account?

Ans:- SEMrush provides a free plan for a limited period so that you can check and familiar with the tool. So without waiting please subscribe for a free trial.

Q3:- What features are available or included with SEMrush free trial?

Ans:- Semrush offers a free trial with Pro & Guru Plan. You can use most of the features like keyword search, domain analysis, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, etc.

Q4. How to edit membership and remove additional limits?

Ans:- It comes with some limits like the number of subscription projects/users that you can be added to. Apart from that, you can edit your subscription and increase/decrease the limit.

You have to select the Membership Information tab on the top right corner of the account. Depend on the changes you make, the price of your plan will be automatically revised.

Q5. How to use the SEMrush SEO tool if I buy the subscription?

Ans:- SEMrush offers a detailed syllabus and course where they explain all its features and tools. So you can take this course to learn how to use SEMrush. Semrush provides Knowledge base where you will find step to use each features of this tool. Else there are enormous videos on Youtube where you will get every solution.

Q6. Why should I pay Semrush when I have Google Analytics?

Ans:- The biggest advantage provided by Semrush over Google Analytics is that you can also use it to search for information from your competitors. SEMrush is to be used in combination with Google analytics and is not meant to replace it.

Q7:- Why is Semrush so good?

Ans:- SEMrush helps you to do deep research and analysis about your competitor’s website. You can get the competitor’s keywords which are ranking on top, backlinks or referring domain details, etc.

If you are planning to start your agency or startups then it will provide you more competitor’s details and help you to get an overview of your targetted audience and competitor. Here is the overview video of semrush. In this blog ” Semrush review” we tried out best to highlight each and every aspects of this tool.

Source: Semrush

Q8:- Is Moz or Semrush better?

Ans:- Both are good SEO or content marketing tools but if I have to choose one among them then I will prefer SEMrush over MOZ without any doubts because it provides multiple features with providing deep research analytics.

Also, it provides a lot of data because of its huge database. If you have started your blog/website or planning to do so then we will recommend using SEMrush and do your keyword, backlink, and competitor analysis.

Q9:- Is it possible to change SEMrush plans or cancel my subscription after purchase?

Ans:- Yes, you can cancel the membership or change your plan anytime. Even If you purchase the subscription, they provide a 7-day money-back guarantee, so if you cancel within seven days, you will get a full refund.

Please send an email to the Support, they will refund.

Q10. Is SEMrush provides a free trial for all plans?

Ans:- No, Semrush provides free trial that is only available with the Pro and Guru plan. Please note that the 7-day money-back guarantee applies to all memberships.

Q11:- Does Semrush have any plans where they offer a custom plan?

Ans:- Yes, you can choose the business plan. For any doubts, you can contact the sales team, they will clear all your doubts/queries.

Q12:- What are Semrush’s top competitors or alternatives?

Ans:- SimilarWeb, Ahrefs, Moz, KWFinder are some of the top competitors or alternatives.

Q13:- How to use Semrush to find keywords?

Ans:- You have to use the keyword Magic tool where you need to put your seed words. Once you enter your seed word (ex:- Best laptops, Drones) and select your targeted country then they will show lots of keywords including volume of search, Keyword difficulty, CPC, SERP, etc.

You can also use the keyword gap analysis tool where you can find the competitor’s keywords that are missing on your article URL.

Q14:- What is the price of each plan of SEMRush?

Ans:- SEMrush has three plans named Pro, Guru, and Business. The prices are as follows:-

Pro Plan – $ 119.95 / month

Guru Plan – $ 229.95 / month

Business plan – $ 449.95 / month

Q15:- Is SEMrush is the right choice if you are a beginner?

Ans:- Definitely, it is the Best SEO tool available in the market and you will realize it once you start using this tool.

If you want to get traffic in your blog and want to achieve success in few months, then it is recommended to use this tool for all analysis before writing any content and after that also.

Q16:- Is Semrush free?

Ans:– No, Semrush is one of the best premium SEO and content marketing tool starting at $119.95 per month. But it provides exclusive free trial for selective plans. So you can use it and then decide. Apart from that, in the Pricing section of Semrush Reviews blog, we have mentioned every details of 3 different plans.

Q17:- What are the Best SEO Tools available?

Ans:- The Best SEO Tools available in the market are SEMrush, Similarweb, Aherefs, Moz, Longtailpro, etc.

Q18:- What are some of the SEMrush alternatives?

Ans:- Some of the alternatives are Ahrefs, Moz, Similarweb etc. But we recommend using Semrush as we have tested and used all of these SEO tools.

So if you want to save your energy, time, money and want to get traffic in few months then you should subscribe to SEMrush.

Q19:- How often SEMrush update data? Is it daily, weekly or monthly?

Ans:- Depend upon the different keywords, the data is updated daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Q20:- How to use SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool?

Ans:- You need to click on the keyword magic tool and then put the seed keyword and target country and then search.

You will find huge number of keywords like general matches, exact matches, phrase matches, and Question-related ( How to, Why ) keywords.

Q21:- What is SEMrush rank?

Ans:- SEMrush provides rankings based on the traffic received, referring domains, number of keywords rank in sudden position, etc.

Things we like
  • It is one of the most comprehensive tools where you can do all analysis that is required to make your blog/website successful in a short period.

  • It has the largest database that provides a huge number of keywords suggestion which you can target to create content.

  • SEMrush provides tools like keyword gap analysis and backlink gap analysis where you can spy on your competitor’s ranking keywords and backlinks.

  • The content template is awesome as it suggests you write content with several words as per the other competitors.

  • Once you have written the content before publishing you can check the SEO score so that it will beat your competitors.

  • Semrush is one of the best tools for SEO audit for clients where it will show in analytics and helps to identify technical SEO or crawling issues.

  • It helps you a lot to check the rankings of your keywords on daily basis.

  • SEMrush provides you enough content ideas in each topic where you need to put only the seed keywords.

Things can get better
  • It needs to improve the Keyword Difficulty score and make it more relevant.

  • SERP analysis should be provided with detailed research and it should provide all metrics required to analyze.

  • Needs some improvement in Semrush social media poster.


Increase traffic in your blog by SEMrush SEO tool

Hope you get every detail of SEMrush in this article ” Semrush Review”, we have tried to provide most of the important information which everyone should check before selecting the Best SEO or content marketing tool.

Hence from all the above-mentioned details and analysis, we can clearly say that Semrush is one of the SEO tools that gives you all the important and required data to make your blog on top of the search engine.

Semrush provides a solution and an ample number of features that will provide you the important information to improve your website traffic and other important metrics.

Once you start using Semrush, you will feel the difference and you will understand why it is trusted by so many industry experts and Bloggers, Affiliate marketers, influencers, etc.

SEMrush team is constantly introducing & implementing new & exciting features for keyword research, backlink analysis, and competitive analytics, to make it one of the best quality tools in the SEO industry.

I highly recommend you to check the tool for few months and see how it improves the SEO of your blog/website and how the traffic increases.

If you are running a digital marketing agency or SEO agency then also you will be highly appreciated by your client based on the research report you publish and provide with the help of SEMrush.

So what are you waiting for? Just click the link below for free trial of Semrush and feel the difference.

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